Elementary and Secondary Education Opportunity Jobs 2024

Azad Government Jammu and Kashmir unlimited higher elementary and secondary education applications are wanted for appointment on ad-hoc basis against available vacancies in the educational institutions managed by the Illness and Recovery Elicitation. Jammu and Kashmir, Middle East and resident of Pakistan since 1969. Aspirants can apply online at https: we got pa within the date of publication of the advertisement. The website of N.Yagane re-employment is tehsil-bazil of the posts. Qulimi dar peshah dar in gayed name asami ist wa dar milli kard asamian asamian bar tani kong kia. 2002 (Male) (Noveen) and division from any 01 University engined by 01 HEC and MEd Gnd Division Nrom any University recognized by HEC 04 Education Education Ed (Hons) 4 any university recognized 02 by HEC MCSBCSESSE MT Division

OR Egat unary University ongnized by HEC Mosier’s degree 10 15 18 Pak Shades blon 05 stades English or other 11 13 16 19 nied by HEC and 07 09 804 2nd Division) 09 11 Somany University recognized by HEC ” 13 OR 03 04 EducationHons) in 10 12 Education Ed (Hons) 4 by HEC 28 1 Murat 17- Mardan Teheran Marin 1000 Manah Pai Shim Pakistan ( 17- Tat ( Mardan Niswan ) Jol Lakin ( 165 ) Bagh Mand An Shim Pakistan

Elementary and Secondary Education Opportunity Jobs 2024 :

Post Name:

Computer Instructor (B-17)

Head Mistress (Female) (B-17)

Secondary School Teacher (B-16)

Physics Math from any University recognized by 00 02 01 05 division from any 02 NO 01 04 HEC ​​01 04 01 05 Education Ed (Hons) 20 Secondary 4 years (2nd Dis with Math 01 01 04 University recognized by 10 NO 01 20 05 Heren 2 division ) Bonay ZadkegyChanty 01 01 02 01 tom any University 01 04 recognized by HEC and 05 dvision from any 01 02 University recognized by 01 01 04 01 EducationB.ED ( H ) 01 03 01 Pakistan for applicants aged 22 years and above It is not Mercury 40 years. 2 Jumla Asid Daran Source 3501 is Nazeem Milli Bala Free and Secondary Education (Male) Aqawat Construction PCT

Submitting to Deb Malik Banwan Nawa Kar and Syed Jumla Qulimi Isa Agar Yaz Ashmul English Sir Racket, Domicile And a certified copy of the National Identity Card after a good photograph is given and sent to the deceased. These appointments will remain effective until the selection of suitable candidates by the Chief Executive Officer or the Public Service Commission, whichever occurs first. That is, there are pure speeches and oil-filled water mails will be perfected by us. The number of vacancies can be reduced. Nazim Ala K Block District Ad Administration Complex Mana Phone No. 960029-05822

How to apply Elementary and Secondary Education Opportunity Jobs 2024 :

First, you need to prepare all the documents that need to be submitted for the Primary and Secondary Education Opportunity Jobs 2024.

Subsequently, if you apply, send your CV and apply on the website https://ese.gok.pk/job-alerts

Elementary and Secondary Education Opportunity Jobs 2024 :Elementary and Secondary Education Opportunity Jobs 2024 :

Elementary and Secondary Education Opportunity Jobs 2024 :

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