Full stack Manager required at bite ninja jobs- usa jobs

 bite ninja jobs looking  for a full stack engineer to join a newly funded Y-combinator company. Bite Ninja is on a mission to empower restaurant workers to work from home, and helps restaurants find reliable on-demand staff. As an early engineer on the ordering and POS team, you will play a key role in transforming our highly acclaimed MVP into a technology-driven restaurant tech market leader.

What’s on the menu for you? (Responsibilities): Design, build and maintain, high performance, flexible and scalable solutions Build our MVP into a market-leading restaurant Tech SaaS product Integrate with team members and other engineers with 3rd party POS APIs Time Zones For better coding. Weightlifting exercises for you, your team and company.

Do you have the right ingredients? (Requirements): Experience providing high quality, reliable production services using React / node.js. Typescripts and advanced web standards and technologies (such as HTML5, React, GraphQL) are among the best practices for software development. Skills (Code Quality, Unit Test, BDD) Experience launching M2P to B2B web applications.

Experience with scaling challenges, SaaS, noSQL and even badge startup environments Experience in remote working environments Experience with A-plus restaurant tech or POS providers

Thier tech stack consists of the following: Typescript, Next.js, Nest.js, MongoDB, Firestore, GCP

Thier Team: We are a small, dynamic team spread across the United States, Asia and Europe, so we will need to work across multiple time zones. Together with Lead Engineer and Product Manager you will measure our powerful MVP in a fast, fun and flexible environment.

Why You Should Join Byte Ninja

Bite Ninja is a gig technology company based in Memphis, TN. Our platform allows restaurants to extend their drive-through and front-counter shifts from home office to trained freelancers. The company is founded by Will Klim, Ph.D. In engineering and co-founder of the Memphis Mets & the Baby Jacques restaurant franchise, and Orion Wilson, CPA, CMA who co-founded several business service groups and technical, gig network companies.

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Full stack Manager required at bite ninja jobs- usa jobs
Full stack Manager required at bite ninja jobs- usa jobs

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