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Hajj Policy 2024 Pakistan Digitalization of Hajj 2024 will see the introduction of an unlimited free call package and a smartphone application that is free of internet access for Hajis.
Aneeq Ahmed, the minister of religious affairs, unveiled the 2024 Hajj policy on Thursday.
According to Aneeq Ahmed, Hajj 2024 will be digitalized. Hajis would receive an internet-free mobile application that they can use offline and an unlimited free call package through an arrangement.

Pakistan to Saudi Arabia Hajj Price 2024 

According to Aneeq Ahmed, the Hajj this year would cost Rs. 1075000, whereas the Hajj last year cost Rs. 11075000.

According to the Minister of Religious Affairs, pilgrims’ homes are located in convenient locations in both Holy Cities.

The initial Hajj package does not include the expense of a sacrifice animal, as the Hajj Secretary stated.

There is also an additional cost of Rs75,000 for pilgrims who wish to perform a shorter Hajj.

Aneeq Ahmed informed the media that yesterday’s groundbreaking Hajj policy approval by the caretaker cabinet represented a paradigm shift in the pilgrimage experience.

He stated that there are plans in place to handle the enormous number of pilgrims, and that the upcoming Hajj is expected to surpass its predecessor.

A 1075 thousand rupee “affordable” package was offered in the policy’s initial phase.


Discussion with airlines underway


According to Aneeq Ahmed, negotiations with airlines are still in progress to establish a minimum fare, with the proceeds designated for pilgrims’ accounts.

Digitizing the Hajj process

The Hajj procedure was digitized in large part because to the Ministry of IT’s adoption of digital innovations.

For Hajj 2024, pilgrims will have a more efficient experience thanks to a dedicated app.

Ninety thousand pilgrims will be given luggage with QR codes, which will allow for easy management with a few clicks.

Haji will receive 40 days of 7GB of data internet via the app, which is made to work “seamlessly” even in places with poor connectivity. This will allow him to make unlimited calls within Pakistan.

The minister stated that during the pilgrimage, the digitization step is anticipated to prove to be a hassle-free communication breakthrough.

Abayas featuring the Pakistani flags introduced

He declared that all ladies starting the spiritual journey would receive abayas with the Pakistani flag on them as a show of pride for their country. Small bags and Ihram will also be provided to make the pilgrimage experience even easier.

Short Hajj

A 20–21 day Hajj that has never been done before has been introduced.

Blend of tradition and technology

Pakistan unveiled the Hajj 2024 policy, promising a fusion of modern technology and historical customs.

The public authority has declared Hajj Strategy 2024 under which the Hajj bundle for every explorer has been decreased by 100,000 rupees.

Sharing striking highlights of the new Hajj strategy at a news gathering in Islamabad today, Priest for Strict Issues Aneeq Ahmed said the Hajj cost under the public authority conspire has been decreased to 1075000 rupees for the following Hajj from 1175000 of the current year’s Hajj. He guaranteed there will be no think twice about the nature of Hajj courses of action paying little mind to decrease in costs.

The Clergyman for Strict Undertakings said the Hajj quantity for Pakistan is 179210 which will be similarly circulated between the public authority and confidential hajj plans.

Aneeq Ahmed said talks are going on with the aircrafts to get decreased airfare for the Hajj activity. He said assuming we prevail with regards to getting alleviation in the airfare, the sum will be moved to the records of pioneers. He said the travelers will likewise get back 35 thousand rupees assuming they decide to remain four rather than eight days in Madina.

Aneeq Ahmad said Hajj 2024 will be digitalized wherein explorers will get a versatile application that could be utilized without web. The application will have numerous choices including the one of housing grumblings.

He said the travelers will be given many liberated from cost things incorporating a SIM with seven GB information, a bag having QR code, Ihram belts for men, Abaya for ladies and shoes sacks.

Aneeq Ahmad said the Hajj applications will be gotten from the 27th of this current month and this interaction will go on till twelfth of the following month. An ad in such manner will before long be distributed.

The Priest for Strict Undertakings expressed separated from Islamabad air terminal, Karachi has additionally been remembered for Street to Makkah project. He said we have additionally mentioned Saudi Arabia to likewise remember Lahore for it.

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