“how old is queen elizabeth” British royal family

 “how old is queen elizabeth”- British royal family

The palace doesn’t typically let out info concerning the queen’s health — thus a quick statement discharged Thursday morning expression her doctors were “concerned” for her health go away alarm bells across the globe.

"how old is queen elizabeth" British royal family
 “how old is queen elizabeth” British royal family

“Following more analysis this morning, the Queen’s doctors ar involved for Her Majesty’s health and have suggested she stay underneath medical supervising. The Queen remains snug and at Balmoral,” the statement from castle aforesaid, bearing on her castle in European country.

No details were provided, ANd it remains unclear what symptoms the queen is displaying and whether or not she is plagued by an health problem. The 96-year-old monarch appeared frail in photos with the new British prime minister, Liz Truss, at Balmoral on weekday — tho’ not at death’s door. issues with the queen’s quality needed Truss and her precursor, Boris Johnson, to visit European country for the ceremonial transfer of power, which usually takes place in London.

Speculation was rampant Thursday as members of the royal line flew to European country to be by her facet. BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell John Drew criticism for suggesting that the queen had cancer and inform to a “gradual deterioration” in her health within the past year.

Britain’s Sun newspaper last fall stony-broke the news that the queen spent an evening in an exceedingly hospital. castle later aforesaid the hospital keep was for “preliminary investigations.” She conjointly minified with covid-19 in Feb. castle aforesaid at the time that the monarch had “mild cold-like symptoms” from the virus. In April, she spoke with medical examiners and a patient United Nations agency had recovered from covid-19 at the Royal London Hospital on a video decision discharged by castle.

“It will leave one feeling terribly tired and exhausted, doesn’t it, this frightful pandemic,” she said.

The queen skipped several of the celebrations for her noble metal anniversary in Gregorian calendar month, that commemorated her seventy years on the throne. Prince of Wales, her oldest son and heir, has assumed a a lot of distinguished public role recently.

Queen’s family races to assemble in Balmoral; Harry on the way


The queen’s family is speeding to assemble at her side at Balmoral Castle, the monarch’s summer range in European country, as reports swirl round her under the weather health.

Her heir, Prince of Wales, arrived Thursday, in step with the BBC, together with his married woman, Camilla. The monarch’s girl, patrician Anne, was conjointly by her facet Thursday, having been in European country for a previous engagement, British broadcaster according.

The queen elizabeth 2 sons — Princes saint and Edward — landed in European country early within the afternoon civil time, in step with the BBC.

The queen’s grandchild blue blood William is additionally on the way to Balmoral, tho’ his married woman and 3 kids can stay at Windsor for his or her initial full day at the children’s new college, Kensington Palace aforesaid.

PA Media according Thursday that blue blood Harry was traveling to Balmoral which his married woman, Meghan, peeress of geographical region, can stay in London.

Andrew fell out of favor with the family this year and lost his public role as a operating member of the family. The split came shortly before he in agreement to settle a regulatory offence case brought by a lady United Nations agency aforesaid she was trafficked to him by Jeffrey sculptor, the yank financier United Nations agency died in 2019.

Harry and Meghan quit operating as royals 2 years past, tho’ they need remained in touch with the queen.

Queen Elizabeth II’s former prime ministers send messages of support

a number of Queen Elizabeth II’s former prime ministers — she has had fifteen — sent messages of support Thursday because the royal line gathered at the monarch’s side.

David Cameron, United Nations agency could be a distant relative of the queen’s, said, “I send my devout thoughts and prayers to Her impressiveness The Queen and also the royal line at this worrying time.”

Tony Blair tweeted: “It is deeply regarding to listen to today’s news from castle. My thoughts and prayers ar along with her impressiveness the Queen and her family at this worrying time.”

Scottish and Welsh leaders share concern and want queen well

Political leaders from across the United Kingdom’s union have sent their well needs to Queen Elizabeth because the nation learns of her health problem Thursday.

First cathedral of European country and leader of the Scottish National Party Nicola ganoid aforesaid everybody was “feeling deeply concerned” concerning reports of the queen’s health. The queen, United Nations agency has had a womb-to-tomb romance with European country, has been taken sick in her Balmoral estate in Aberdeenshire

Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, aforesaid earlier, “My thoughts — and also the thoughts of individuals across our uk — ar along with her impressiveness The Queen and her family at now.” Leaders from European nation have conjointly shared their well needs.

Britain ‘deeply concerned’ concerning queen’s health, Truss says

Britain’s new prime minister, Liz Truss, expressed concern Thursday concerning the health of Queen Elizabeth, whose relations rush to assemble at Balmoral Castle in European country, wherever she was underneath medical supervising.

“The whole country are deeply involved by the news from castle this mealtime,” tweeted Truss, United Nations agency has simply taken workplace and United Nations agency met with the queen weekday. “My thoughts — and also the thoughts of individuals across our uk — ar along with her impressiveness The Queen and her family at now,” she said.

Scottish leader Nicola ganoid conjointly tweeted that “all people ar feeling deeply involved at reports” of the monarch’s health. “My thoughts and desires ar with the Queen and every one of the royal line at now,” she wrote.

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