How to Apply for Learner Driving License in Punjab Online

Apply for Learner Driving License in Punjab Online.The Punjab Caretaker Government has declared a significant initiative to improve public convenience. Punjabi people can now apply for a learner’s permit using an app.

On December 11, 2023, the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) launched the Learner Driving License App per the directives of Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi.

According to Naqvi’s statement on X, 737 police stations and every Khidmat Marakiz in Punjab, as well as the Punjab Police app, allow individuals to apply online.

How to Apply for Learner Driving License in Punjab Online

  • Register for a license on the DLIMS website.
  • Complete the application.Add files.
  • Create a payment slip ID and use an ATM, internet banking, or mobile banking platform to make your payment.
  • The following paperwork is needed in order to apply for a driving license online.
  • The applicant’s photo.
  • Scanned copy/picture of original CNIC’s front and back.
  • A medical certificate signed by a government doctor in case age is above 50 years.

Apply online for learner driving license in Punjab

The cost has gone up from Rs. 60 to Rs. 1000, representing a 1566% rise.

However, the deadline for citizens to apply for licenses at the present cost is December 31. There will be a redesigned fee structure in effect from January 1, 2024.

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