Information on PhD scholarships – PhD scholarships to support your studies

 Information on PhD scholarships

 PhD scholarships to support your studies

 A doctorate is a degree that prepares you to be a researcher. In addition to research, doctors are valued in other professional areas such as consulting, financial services, NGOs, cultural organizations, etc. Are you going to do a PhD and are you looking for scholarships? Here you will find all the available PhD scholarships that will allow you to continue studying and finish your degree.

Information on PhD scholarships

 Information on PhD scholarships


 Rotoplas Awards – FUNAM

 Rotoplas – FUNAM Awards, how to apply, deadlines, requirements

 Awards, contests and university contests




 The Rotoplas – FUNAM Awards are convened by the UNAM Foundation in collaboration with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) in collaboration with Rotoplas, S.A.

 The Rotoplas – FUNAM Awards are intended for students of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) who are studying in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Social Sciences, or Arts and Humanities.

 Participating students must be studying for a Bachelor’s, Specialty, Master’s, or Doctorate and must present a research, technological innovation or applied research project, which must meet certain characteristics.

 In addition to the requirements, the Jury in charge of the selection process will assess a series of criteria such as the value and social impact of the projects presented, methodological and/or analytical coherence, and creativity and originality, among others.

 The three projects presented that are finally selected as winners will receive an economic endowment.

 You will be able to know all the data related to the Rotoplas – FUNAM Awards in this web portal, since here we tell you what are the deadlines for submitting applications, the requirements to meet and other information that will surely be of interest to you.

 Basic data

 No. of scholarships3Study level






 Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

 Tourism, Social Sciences and Education

 Arts and Humanities

 Architecture and Engineering

 Country of origin



 Resident in Mexico


 UNAM student projects (doctorate, master’s, specialty or bachelor’s degree) may be presented. Participants may have an advisory team in which academic staff affiliated to one of the UNAM offices participate.

 All projects will be presented collectively. The research group should not exceed nine people. The name of the person representing the group will be clearly indicated, who will act as administrator of the prize and will be the link with the convening entities.


 A diploma of recognition will be awarded and prizes will be awarded to the three best projects, according to the following:

 Best Project 1: $96,666.00

 Best Project 2: $96,666.00

 Best Project 3: $96,666.00


 The registration of proposals will be electronic, through the website:

 Project characteristics

 The projects must develop an original and quality line of research with theoretical, methodological or practical contributions.

 The projects presented must be from the areas of physical, mathematical sciences and engineering; social Sciences; humanities and the arts.

 Projects should address the following topic:

 Implementation of the new NOM-001-SEMARNAT-2021 on wastewater sanitation.

 Research sponsored by public and/or private entities, and those whose intellectual property rights are not owned by the participants, will be excluded. In any case, the participants will release Rotoplas and Fundación UNAM in peace and harmless from any claim regarding copyright derived from the works presented.

Evaluation criteria

 The Jury will evaluate, at least, the following criteria:

 I. Value and social impact.

 II.  Approach of the Problem according to the theme of the call.

 III.  Methodological and/or analytical coherence.

 IV.  Creativity and originality.

 V. Feaibility for implementation.


 The results will be published on the electronic pages of FUNAM and Rotoplas.

 The awards ceremony will be held in a ceremony to recognize the effort and quality of the projects.

 Documentation to attach

 For registration, the following documents in electronic format will be essential:

 a.  Complete proposal in a maximum of 20 pages with Arial font of 11 points, margins of 2 cm on each side.  To be evaluated, the proposal must contain the following sections:

 Yo.  Title of the proposal.

 ii.  Background.

 iii.  Goals.

 iv.  Methodologies used.

 v.  Goals to be achieved and expected or obtained results.

 saw.  conclusions.

 vii.  Bibliography

 In the case of a work in progress, specify the stage in which it is located and the latest results obtained.

 b.  Summary of the proposal of a maximum of two pages, clearly indicating: title, objectives, methodology, expected results, conclusions and contributions. It should not contain the names of the authors.

 c.  Privacy notice format (available on the platform).

 d.  Registration form (available on the platform).

 and.  Acceptance letter (available on the platform).

 F.  Curriculum vitae, including address, telephone number, RFC and email of the authors.

 g.  Copy of official identification of each of the team members.

 h.  Document proving that they are students or academic staff of the UNAM in the areas of physical, mathematical, and engineering sciences;  social Sciences;  humanities and the arts.  The proof of registration or subject strip, current teacher or student credential may be registered.

 Yo.  Certificates of patents, trademarks or inventions (if applicable).

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