Latest updates Introducing Threads: A New Way to Share With Text

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latest news updates by Facebook and Instagram owner has been launched new application by name to introduced Introducing Threads: A New Way to Share With Text.instagram threads app

The Instagram team’s text-sharing app, Threads, was just unveiled by Mark Zuckerberg in its first iteration. Whether you’re a creator or just a casual poster, Threads provides a brand-new, distinct location for in-the-moment updates and open dialogue. We are striving to integrate Threads with the open, interoperable social networks that we think can influence how the internet develops in the future.

Billion-plus users connect on Instagram to share pictures and videos. In order to create a joyful and inspiring environment where you can share your ideas, our goal with Threads is to take what Instagram does best and apply it to text. Similar to Instagram, Threads allows you to connect with and follow friends and producers who share your interests, such as the individuals you follow on Instagram. 

Join the Conversation from Instagram

Start using Threads right away by logging in with your Instagram account. You can modify your profile exclusively for Threads while keeping your Instagram username and authentication. 
A screenshot of the Threads “Log in with Instagram” page
a picture of two phone displays with a profile and the Threads feed
When a user joins Threads, they are automatically put into a private profile if they are under 16 (or under 18 in some countries). On Instagram, you can decide to follow the same accounts you already do to locate new users who share your interests. Threads has access to all of Instagram’s essential accessibility features, including screen reader support and AI-generated image explanations.
On Threads, threads submitted by users you follow and suggested content from up-and-coming authors are both displayed in your feed. Links, images, and 5-minute movies can all be included in posts, which can have a maximum character count of 500. A Threads post can be quickly shared to your Instagram story or as a link on any other platform of your choice.
Facebook designed Threads with features that encourage empowering, fruitful conversations. Within Threads, you have control over who may mention you or respond to you. Similar to Instagram, you can add hidden words to your threads to exclude comments that contain particular phrases. By pressing the three-dot menu on a profile on Threads, you can unfollow, block, restrict, or report that user.

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We’re rolling out Threads today in over 100 countries for iOS and Android, and people in those countries can download the app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  In addition to working to make Threads compatible with the ActivityPub protocol, we’ll soon be adding a number of new features to help you continue to discover threads and creators that interest you, including improved feed recommendations and a stronger search feature.  that makes it easy to track issues and trends in real time.
  Facebook says ,We’re excited to hear your feedback as we works to create new features and introduce fun new ways to connect in the app.


  • Threads is a new app, built by the Instagram team, for sharing text updates and joining public conversations.
  • You log in using your Instagram account and posts can be up to 500 characters long and include inlinks, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in length.
  • We’re working to soon make Threads compatible with the open, interoperable social networks that we believe can shape the future of the internet.

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