punjab schools winter vacations extended for one week

Punjab schools winter vacations extended for one week.LAHORE — Early winter breaks for schools and other educational institutions were declared by Punjab’s interim administration as a dense, poisonous fog engulfed Lahore’s main cities, making pupils unwell.

As Naqvi’s predicament forced the government to close schools one week early, unconfirmed reports stated that winter break will be extended by one week.
An image from a local news article that claims the Punjab government has chosen to prolong winter breaks is making the rounds on the internet.

According to the post, parents requested that the government extend winter vacations because some areas of the nation are still experiencing extreme cold.
Contrary to reports, neither the Punjabi government nor the Department of School Education have provided any information regarding the lengthening of the winter break.

It is noteworthy that, in response to the cold and fog, the provincial government of Punjab has already declared longer winter breaks.

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