SAAS – Fulbright Scholarships, how to apply, deadlines, requirements

 SAAS-Fulbright Scholarships

 SAAS – Fulbright Scholarships, how to apply, deadlines, requirements

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SAAS – Fulbright Scholarships


 The SAAS – Fulbright Scholarships are organized by the Spanish Association for the Study of the United States of America in collaboration with the Fulbright Commission.

 The SAAS – Fulbright Scholarships grant in this call a scholarship aimed at researchers who have a professional career of more than 10 years of experience.  The objective of these grants, therefore, is to contribute to the development of studies on the United States while expanding research possibilities and fostering knowledge and relations between American and Spanish research centers.

 For this, the SAAS – Fulbright Scholarships grant their beneficiaries an economic endowment of 6,000 euros with the aim of covering travel expenses and maintenance at the destination center.  In addition, the scholarship has the support of the Fulbright Commission, through which the exchange is supported by the governments of both countries and through which beneficiaries are helped with services such as scholarship management, participation in different seminars, and cultural and scientific activities that are carried out, etc.

 Do not miss the opportunity offered by these scholarships to carry out research activities in an exciting country such as the United States, where you can expand your professional knowledge while enjoying a unique experience abroad.

 Find here all the necessary information to be able to access the SAAS – Fulbright Scholarships such as: essential requirements, selection process and endowment of the same.

 Basic data

 No. of scholarships1Study level



 all branches


 all races

 Country of origin


 Destination country




 Any nationality of a member country of the European Union


 Nationality of Spain or another country of the European Union.  Citizens of the United States, those who have an automatic right to citizenship (for example, by birth or parentage), or who reside in the country are not eligible for the scholarship.

 To be in possession of the title of Doctor or Doctor prior to December 31, 2012. The titles granted by private Spanish centers, or foreign institutions, must be approved before the deadline for submitting applications.

 Excellent knowledge of the English language – spoken and written – at the time of formalizing the application, demonstrable through TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo.  For more information:, and  The Commission provides information on these tests, but neither manages nor administers them.

 Place of presentation:

 Applicants must complete and electronically submit the application available at


 The scholarship endowment includes a single allocation of €6,000 as partial aid to cover travel expenses and subsistence at the destination research center. Fulbright scholars participate in the only exchange program endorsed by the governments of the two countries.  For this reason, they have the support of the binational Commission and the management agencies in the United States that, free of charge, will provide them with the following services:

 Scholarship management and administration.

 Support, management and advisory services through the managing body in the US.

 Participation in seminars and cultural and scientific activities that are organized on behalf of and by the Fulbright Program, as long as the Program’s budget allows it.

 Subscription of a sickness and accident insurance policy for the scholarship recipient for 100,000 US dollars.

 Necessary documentation, cost and management of the “Exchange Visitor (J-1)” visa for the scholarship holder or the scholarship recipient and the corresponding ones for the dependent family members who accompany him/her.

 One year of free membership to SAAS upon your return to Spain.


 Applicants must complete and electronically submit the application available at

 More information

 Scholarship Duration

 The duration of the stay will not be less than three nor more than twelve months.  The date of incorporation must be between June 1, 2023 and September 30, 2024 and may not be postponed without the prior authorization of the Commission and SAAS.

 The scholarship is not renewable for a second period of enjoyment.

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