Scholarships for Expansion Artistic Studies Xunta de Galicia

Scholarships for Expansion Artistic Studies Xunta de Galicia
Scholarships for Expansion Artistic Studies Xunta de Galicia

Scholarships for Expansion of Artistic Studies Xunta de Galicia, how to request them, deadlines, requirements


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 Scholarships for Expansion Artistic Studies Xunta de Galicia


The Xunta de Galicia in collaboration with Fulbright grant 5 scholarships for further artistic studies.

The aim of the Xunta de Galicia Artistic Studies Expansion Scholarships is to help Spaniards who are related to the autonomous community of Galicia either by birth, residence, higher or artistic studies or by professional career, and who are pursuing studies related to the artistic disciplines, can expand their studies and knowledge through numerous training activities and the development of artistic projects in any center and institution in the United States.

To this end, these scholarships encompass all artistic disciplines, including plastic arts, audiovisual arts, performing arts, music and everything related to heritage conservation and cultural management.

The Fulbright Program, which calls for the Xunta de Galicia Artistic Studies Expansion Scholarships, offers through its grants the opportunity to study, teach and research. But above all, its values are based on exchanging ideas and contributing to finding solutions to global challenges. Among some of the awards received by the Fullbright Program, the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation stands out, which was awarded in 2014.

If you want to expand your knowledge and training in any artistic discipline, the Xunta de Galicia Artistic Studies Expansion Scholarships offer you an unparalleled opportunity in which you can give free rein to the development of all your projects while enjoying a unique experience. in which you can get to know a new country.

Here, we provide you with all the information about the Xunta de Galicia Artistic Studies Expansion Scholarships that you may need, such as registration deadlines, requirements or documentation that you must provide.

Basic data

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Level of study


Plastic arts and Design

Conservation and restoration of cultural property




Arts and Humanities

Country of origin


Destination country


Region of origin





a. Be of legal age and have Spanish nationality. People who have dual Spanish and American nationality will not be eligible for the scholarship; have the automatic right to acquire it by marriage or filiation; or have a residence permit in the US.

b. Being linked to Galicia by birth, residence, training in higher or artistic studies, or professional career.

c. Possess a higher degree or another title issued by a recognized institution that accredits training in the artistic discipline in question. Likewise, those with sufficient professional experience to obtain the letter of invitation or admission to a center in the United States may apply for the scholarship.

d. Have a letter of access, invitation or admission to a US center to carry out a program in accordance with the study project described in the application.

and. Knowledge of the English language -spoken and written-, sufficient to develop the proposed project. In the event of not presenting the results of any exam, the Commission reserves the right to verify the level of English by the means it deems appropriate.

Without this being a reason for exclusion from this call, preference will be given to candidates who do not have recent and extensive experience in the US, as well as to those who have not previously enjoyed a Fulbright scholarship.


a. The endowment of the scholarships includes allocations for the following concepts:

Round trip and various expenses for first installation: 2,300 USD. In the event that the scholarship holder attends a pre-academic course: USD 2,600.

Monthly allowance between 1,485 and 2,925 USD for lodging, meals and additional expenses. The monthly payment will be determined according to the cost of living in the destination city.

Tuition fees, mandatory fees and other expenses necessary to develop the submitted project of up to USD 10,000, prior justification and approval by the Commission. These expenses must be made during the period of enjoyment of the scholarship.

The candidate must demonstrate the availability of additional funds if the above do not cover the needs of his stay plan.

The Xunta and the Commission reserve the right to adjust the allocations in the event that amounts are received from other sources for the same concepts.

b. Fulbright scholars participate in the only exchange program endorsed by the governments of the two countries. For this reason, they have the support of the binational Commission and that of the management agencies in the US that, free of charge, will provide them with the following services:

Processing, management and administration of the scholarship.

Orientation course when leaving Spain, as well as a pre-academic summer course at an American university, if applicable. Both courses can be carried out virtually if the health situation so advises.

Support, management and advisory services through the network of regional offices in the US.

Participation in cultural and scientific seminars and activities organized on behalf of and by the Fulbright Program, whenever the Program’s budget allows it.

Subscription of an insurance policy for the scholarship holder for USD 100,000 due to illness or accident.

Necessary documentation, cost and management of the “Exchange Visitor (J-1)” visa for the intern and the corresponding ones for dependent family members who accompany them for at least 80% of the stay.

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