Scholarships for study at the UHU and international

Scholarships for study at the UHU and international
Scholarships for study at the UHU and international

Scholarships for study at the UHU and international, how to apply, deadlines, requirements


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 Scholarships for study at the UHU and international


The Atlantic Copper Foundation is a non-profit entity whose aims are the economic, cultural, social and human development and promotion of the province of Huelva. To make this a reality, it makes UHU and international Study Aids available to students.

In this specific case, the aid for studies at the University of Huelva and international aids facilitate the incorporation and permanence of young people from Huelva in the university, helping those who have more difficulties for this purpose for economic reasons. It is also a way to reward the best academic records, since the scholarship is only awarded to students with an impeccable record.

The Foundation annually calls for aid for studies at the University of Huelva and internationally. The objective is to support both students who are going to start studying at the University of Huelva, as well as those who are already studying (includes degrees and postgraduates or applicants for an Erasmus Scholarship, Erasmus Internship or other similar grants granted by the UHU ).

These scholarships have the advantage that they can be renewed annually, but the required requirements must be met. Among the common requirements for all students who want to benefit from this scholarship are having Spanish nationality and being of legal age.

Here you will find all the necessary information to apply for the Aid for Studies at the UHU and international grants from the Atlantic Copper Foundation.

Basic data

number of scholarships


Level of study



Higher level training cycles


health and biology

Tourism, Social Sciences and Education

Arts and Humanities

Architecture and Engineering

Economics, Law, and Legal Sciences




Computer engineering

experimental sciences

Labor Sciences, Labor Relations and Human Resources

Social education


Economics / Economic Sciences

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Country of origin


Destination country


Region of origin


province of origin





People who meet the following requirements may be beneficiaries:

Common requirements:

Have Spanish nationality.

Have residence in the province of Huelva during the entire academic year for which the scholarship is requested (types A, B and C).

Be of legal age or, in the case of being a minor, have the permission of the person exercising parental authority or guardianship to make this request.

Not be a beneficiary of another scholarship from the Atlantic Copper Foundation, including the dining room scholarship, for the same academic year for which the scholarship is requested.

Documentation to attach

Scholarship applications or their renewal will be made by letter or email ( addressed to the Atlantic Copper Foundation, with address at Avda. Francisco Montenegro s/n, in which the the personal data of the applicant, their family address and any circumstances that help to make a decision on the granting of the scholarship. The application (the format of which can be found on the Atlantic Copper Foundation website, http://fundacion.atlantic will be accompanied by the following documentation:

For all types of Scholarships:

Photocopy of the applicant’s ID.

Certificate of registration or residence in the province of Huelva whose issue date is after the start of the scholarship application period. It will only be necessary to provide this certificate for those applicants with an address in the DNI in a location other than Huelva capital.

Documentation accrediting having passed the entrance exams to the University and the grades obtained in Baccalaureate or Higher Level Vocational Training and entrance exam to the University, for people starting their university studies, or certificate of notes from the previous course in all other cases, except for international scholarships. In this case, the transcript will correspond to the course prior to the year in which the application for the international scholarship is submitted.

In the case of being a minor, authorization from the parent or whoever exercises parental authority or corresponding guardianship.

To accredit the economic requirements included in section 3 II, applicants must provide one of the following documents:

Document granting an official government study scholarship.

Personal income tax return/returns of the family unit to which it belongs.

Report from the Social Services area of the town hall of residence in which they accredit and assess in detail the socio-economic difficulties that are alleged.

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