Top5Credits Innovation Scholarships

 Top5Credits Innovation Scholarships

 Top5Credits Innovation Scholarships, how to apply, deadlines, requirements

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Top5Credits Innovation Scholarships
 Top5Credits Innovation Scholarships


 The Top5Credits Innovation Scholarships are aimed at Master’s or Doctorate students in the business and economic branch such as Marketing, ADE, or Economics, among others, who are preparing a thesis on the application of new technologies to the financial world.

 Those students who reside in Spain and meet the rest of the requirements indicated in the call may apply for these scholarships.  In addition, the Selection Committee will take into account the criteria of innovation, sustainability, accessibility and viability.

 Finally, the winners of the Top5Credits Innovation Scholarships will receive an economic endowment of €500, with the intention that they be used for the development and completion of the corresponding Doctoral Thesis.

 Top5Credits is a fintech specialized in offering its users information on different financial solutions, and which also brings the economy and finance closer to the digital world.

 This company is also aware of the importance of adequate academic training with which to obtain great professionals in the financial and business field as a result, which is why it announces the Top5Credits Innovation Scholarships.

 In case you want to know all the information related to the Top5Credits Innovation Scholarships, you are in the right place since you can consult them all here.

 Basic data

 No. of scholarships1Study level




 Tourism, Social Sciences and Education

 Economics, Law, and Legal Sciences

 Country of origin



 Resident in Spain


 The requirements to apply for the Top5Credits Innovation Scholarship 2022 are the following:

 Pursuing a PhD or Master’s degree in a career related to the financial ecosystem (Economics, Finance, Marketing, ADE…)

 Be a resident in Spain and study in Spanish territory.

 Have an Abstract of the Thesis, of no more than 500 words.


 The value of the Scholarship is €500, which will be paid to the author or authors of the winning Abstract.  This amount, according to current Law, must not be declared to the Treasury as it does not exceed the minimum amount of €40,000.

 The purpose of this Scholarship is to finance the completion of the Doctoral Thesis by the winning student.  We cannot demand accessibility if it is not part of our mission to ensure that good ideas are carried out, regardless of the financial situation of their creators.


 The steps to apply for the Top5Credits Innovation Scholarship 2022 will be the following:

 Indicate in the subject “Top5Credits Scholarship 2022 – Name”

 Add a brief introduction to the email, with the PDF file of the abstract attached.

 Submit the abstract before January 1, 2023.

 More information

 Selection criteria

 The Top5Credits Innovation Scholarship will reward the Thesis Abstract that our team determines meets the following criteria:

 innovative.  Internet gives game to entrepreneurs and financiers to change the game board completely.  We will value the innovative and original character of the abstract, considering its authenticity as a point in favor.

 Sustainable.  New technologies and their ease of propagation have consequences that are difficult to notice, so we must be proactive with our ideas.  We will appreciate that the Abstract reflects a sustainable financial model, both socially and economically, facing the challenges of the digital revolution.

Accessible.  If the internet has given us anything, it is accessibility.  The winning Abstract will have to focus on promoting the accessibility of the project to different social layers and groups.Viable.  Finally, it must be a realistic project capable of being carried out, since good ideas are not enough to undertake successful projects.

 Winner selection

 The winning Abstract will be selected by the Top5Credits team of editors and analysts, and the decision will be announced to the winner within the month of January.

 Other data of interest

 The Top5Credits Innovation Scholarship is a private initiative, so the decision cannot be challenged, nor are external factors involved such as economic situation or average academic grades, since the idea behind the abstract is rewarded, not the author .

 The organization reserves the right to declare the call for the Scholarship void in the event of not having a sufficient number of applications that meet the aforementioned criteria.

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